Artwork Capabilities

Our dealer partners create some of the most versatile graphics solutions available. Their experienced and talented artists will work with you to create a sign face that will leave a lasting impression.


Below are just a few examples of the thousands of sign graphics our dealers have created.

Artwork Examples

Graphics Requirements

Source files are original artwork files created using graphics software such as CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop. Source files must be saved with the original program's file extension:

  • CorelDraw - File extension is .cdr
  • Illustrator - File extension is .ai
  • Photoshop - File extension is .psd

The color mode of any source file submitted must follow these rules:

  • RGB color format is required.
  • CMYK color format is not acceptable.
  • Although a close representation may be achievable, matching Pantone colors to the CYMK printing process is not possible.

Convert all fonts to curves or paths before submitting.