Polaris 20mm 24x64 Single Sided Grayscale Red LED Display

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LED Display Specifications
Model: Polaris
Color: Grayscale Red
Pixel Pitch: 20mm (0.79")
Matrix - pixel height: 24
Matrix - pixel width: 64
Sides: Single Sided
Cabinet Type: Hinged
Modular Design: No
Controller: Industrial PC
Total pixels: 1,536
Total LEDs: 3,072
Brightness: > 10,000 nits
Number of colors: 4,096
Horizontal/vertical viewing angle: 140/70
Software: SignCommand.com
Frames per second: 30
Auto or manual dimming: Included
LED Display Dimensions
Nominal dimensions - final dimensions are provided on mechanical drawings.
Active display height: 1'-7" (19")
Active display width: 4'-2.5" (50.5")
Active display sq.ft.: 6.7 sq.ft.
Cabinet height: 1'-10" (22")
Cabinet width: 4'-5.5" (53.5")
Individual cabinet depth: 6.5"
Cabinet sq.ft.: 8.2 sq.ft.
Cabinet weight (approximate): 111 lbs.
Matching Complete Sign
For applications with a combined LED display and identification area, we recommend the following complete sign.
Polaris 20mm 24x64 Single Sided Grayscale Red LED Display with 2' x 6' ID Cabinet & Digital Print Face
Matching Identification Cabinet
For applications with a separate LED display and identification area, we recommend the following sized ID cabinet.
2' x 6' Single Sided Aluminum Sign Cabinet with 10.5" Extrusion
LED Electrical Requirements
Requires 1 circuit at 20 amps.
Typical use (daytime): 71 watts
Typical use (nighttime): 14 watts
Maximum: 142 watts
Voltage: 120 volts
Max draw: 1 amps
Operating cost is approximately $4 per month , assuming the average of daytime and nighttime use and a price of $0.12 per kWh.
LED Communication Methods
Cell Connect (optional)
Wi-Fi via Radio Frequency Modems (optional)
Ethernet Cable (standard)
Ethernet Cable with Signal Booster (optional)
Fiber Optic Cable with Two Media Converters (optional)
LED Module Specifications
Pixel size: 8 x 16 pixels
Physical size: 160mm x 320mm
LEDs per pixel: 2 per pixel
Text Capabilities
3 rows of 5.5" text
2 rows of 7.1" text
2 rows of 7.9" text
1 row of 10.2" text
1 row of 18.9" text *
* Using regular text.
Graphics Capabilities


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